Thursday, July 05, 2012

Michael's Guitar Studio......Our students are our neighbors

We have all sang in the shower, hummed our favorite tune and sang out loud in the car. What if you were the one who was playing that song on your guitar? Crazier things have happened! Even if you have never picked up a guitar in your life, Michael’s Guitar Studio is able to share our years of teaching experience along with our unique method of teaching so that you will be able to begin playing your favorite songs faster than you would have imagined. Learning how to play a musical instrument such as the guitar, will enhance one’s life in so many different ways. It will provide a sense of accomplishment, increasing self-confidence and improving your self-esteem. Michael’s Guitar Studio specializes in helping children and adults of all ages. Conveniently located in south Arlington, Michael’s Guitar Studio boasts a staff of highly educated and talented instructors who are qualified to share their decades of teaching experience with their students. It is our passion to take an individual from day one to having the ability to play the guitar with confidence. We enjoy watching our students improve week after week. It is our philosophy that it is the student’s goals and no one else’s that are most important to us. When you choose Michael’s Guitar Studio for your private guitar lesson, you will have taken the first step to enriching your life and being a part of something special. Our practice is family owned with strong roots in the South West Arlington and Mansfield areas. Studio owner’s Michael and Shelley Hurtado are parents of young children in the Arlington ISD, active members in the PTA and Arlington animal shelter volunteers just to name a few. "Our community is a strong one. We have lifted each other up through the toughest of times like the recent, severe tornado damage. It is like having an extended family when you live in Arlington, TX. We are happy to help our neighbors have fun and enjoy learning how to play the guitar, if it makes them happier” ~Michael Hurtado – owner of Michael's Guitar Studio